The Editor thanks:

    • all those who agreed to tell their personal stories and, in so doing, gave this record meaning and purpose

    • all those representatives of stakeholder and partner organisations who responded to the request for their view of Framework

    • Paul Bexon, Emma Bull, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Janet Lawless, Michael Leng, Bob McKittrick, John Millard, Peter Radage, Andrew Redfern, Dave Smith and Dave Sweetman for information, advice, guidance, encouragement and support

    • those many colleagues who supplied and checked information to make the timeline of key events as complete and accurate as possible

    • Phyllis Senior for her forbearance throughout each weekend and Bank Holiday of the spring and early summer of 2011.

Researched, coordinated and edited by Christopher Senior, Head of Fundraising & Communications, Framework

Case studies written by Val Culley
Framework history written by Christopher Senior
Key events timeline researched by Christopher Senior

Case study photography by James Gardiner

Concept and design by Joff + Ollie
Printed by Pyramid Press, Nottingham
Finishing by Joff + Ollie

Published July 2011
Copyright © Framework 2011